About tempositions

TemPositions Health Care, a division of the TemPositions Group of Companies, has 48 years of experience in the healthcare staffing sector. The company has consistently demonstrated its expertise in crisis management and healthcare support, leveraging its extensive experience to effectively address critical situations. Over the years, TemPositions Health Care has provided staffing solutions during numerous public health crises, showcasing its ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to various emergency scenarios.

Beyond crisis response, TemPositions Health Care supports a wide range of healthcare environments, including acute care facilities, long-term health facilities, and community health centers. The firm’s comprehensive staffing services ensure that clients receive well-matched and skilled professionals, tailored to meet their specific needs. With a commitment to excellence and reliability, TemPositions Health Care remains a trusted partner in the healthcare staffing industry.

Meet the Team


Antoinette Thomas


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Fatima Wilson

Lead Recruiter


Kristin Rocco

Managing Director


Matt Glubiak

Managing Director of Enterprise Sales